Environmental Health Marketing


Sanitarian Resources

Environmental Health Marketing to Community and Students

NEHA Environmental Health Marketing Webinars:

02/05/2008 – Environmental Health Marketing: Introduction

High Medium

03/05/2008 – Environmental Health Marketing with Video

High Medium

05/14/2008 – Environmental Health Marketing with Podcasts and Interactive Media

High Medium

10/05/2008 – Marketing Environmental Health to Policy Makers

High* Medium / GA EHS Fact Sheet for Policy Makers

* - zip file that must be extracted to view file - Start.htm

01/22/2009 – Marketing Environmental Health to Students

High* Medium (also see videos below) / NY Student Brochure

* - zip file that must be extracted to view file - Start.htm

- Student Recruitment VideosNCODE-EKU / EH Students

- EH Student-Produced VideosA B C D E F


Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs

AEHAP - Introducing Students to Environmental Health Careers / Brochure

CDC Environmental Public Health Marketing - Web Resources

Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute – 2006 David Pluymers - Video / PPT /Report

Georgia Environmental Health Association Video

GEHA - Environmental Health: The Invisible Profession

Kentucky Videos

KY Earth Day - How Kentucky Registered Sanitarians Protect the Earth and its People

This Is Your Land - What Registered Sanitarians Do and How to Apply